Monday, July 28, 2008


I sat their and watched you touch her softly, first with hesitation, then I saw your quirky smile. Her hand slightly touching the side your face and down your collar bone then to your breast. Meanwhile she was dancing her body on yours, rhythmic to the music, your bodies rhythmically massaging each other. Her lips on your cheek, softly kissing, your smile showing the excitement. Moving to your breast she pulled back on your top, succulent kissing of your nipple. Her tanned complexion against your white breast. Her soft lips kissing, her wet tongue circling, her eyes looking at you. Running her hair across your chest, each movement making you smile.

As she lifts herself looking into your eyes, she smiles back at you, looking too at your pleasure. You can feel the energy in the room. As if lighting was racing across the sky, waiting for the thunder to rumble. Instead of thunder, it was the smile of pleasure.

1 comment:

  1. This is electric and feels forbidden!
    I love the line, "As if lightning was racing across the was the smile of pleasure." Might just be me but I feel a strong sense of affection as well as the erotic, I love it. :)