Sunday, June 29, 2008

Red Sheets

It is mid afternoon and the cool breeze is blowing in so gently. I watch you sleeping, lying there, peacefully sleeping. The deep red sheets against your slightly tanned body. Your beauty radiating while you lie there sleeping. Your hair is against your cheek, eyes are closed, I can see you breathing. Your arms wrapped around the pillow, holding tightly against your body, as if it were me. Your bare back exposed, your succulent shoulder blades, prominent, sexy, attractive. Your leg pokes out of the red and onto another pillow, comfortable, wrapped around it. Your sexy bare leg, buttocks sticking from your lower shorts. So peaceful, wanting to climb on top of you, make love to you. Explicit thoughts of what I want to do racing through my mind. Then I slowly approach the bed, pause, wanting to touch you. Wanting to crawl into those sheets and wrap my arm and leg around you, making you my pillow.

Instead I stand there, watching you sleep, resisting my temptations.

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