Monday, October 31, 2011

Making myself Cum!

I feel the need to cum, my cock is hard, thick, pulsating, wanting to burst. My hand strokes is gently, keeping it very interested. The slightest of stroke, heightens it's need to release.

I find myself browsing the Internet, searching lesbian video's. Finally finding one that shows two women being filmed amateur. Both giggling in anticipation, finally kissing and surprising each other as they do so, enjoying it, turning me on. The video looks genuine, the way they interact with each other does not appeared to be staged. The camera appears to be on a tripod, not moving, stationary like a cam.

Watching them heightened my interest, my cock was pulsating as I stroked it, my arousal was at an 8 on the scale of 1-10. Knowing that I slowed myself down, rewinding back to watching them kiss, touching each other for the first time. Watching every move closely, intriguing me, wishing I was there, taking part in their festivities.

My right hand now stroking my cock, firm grip, feeling the skin fold over the head of my circumcision. I enjoy feeling the pressure around the shaft of my cock, however the most sensitive is the ridge, hidden by the circumcision. Knowing what my body needs, I seem to find it on every stroke. Add the visual of two women exploring each other, I am so close to the release that I am looking for.

I can feel the orgasm building, almost to the point I can't hold back anymore. Knowing if I speed up my strokes, I will achieve what I am looking for, still holding back, waiting for the right moment. Then as I watch the video, I see the one woman's stomach contract, her toes curl, her body unleashing itself. Uncontrollable and sensitive to the others woman touch it is time for me to let go of myself.

As they begin to kiss I begin to move my hand faster, the head of my cock begins feel as if it needs to explode. Seconds later I feel the release of energy from behind my balls, essentially being my prostrate, working its way through my body. Then I feel it traveling up my shaft, finally shooting out of the head of my cock.

The pressure behind my excitement shoots cum over my shoulder, onto my chest, soaking my chest hair. My cock sensitive, cum now oozing, I slow my motion down, finally coming to a rest. Feeling the release of energy, I lie there for a moment. Finally getting up to go clean off and shower.

Pleased that I finally came, wishing it were real, living in a world of fantasy.

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