Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pubic Haircut~Shaving her

She slowly removed her clothes, inquisitively looking at me. Standing there naked, I instructed her to lie on the bed. Complaining she was cold, she grabbed a blanket and draped it across her body. Biting her lip she watched intently as I prepared to shave her pussy.

Much like a doctor preparing for surgery, I began the process, gathering all the items that I would need. First unfolding a towel, asking her to raise her ass off the bed, I slid it neatly underneath her bottom. Then taking a razor out of the package, I placed it on the edge of the towel. I disappeared into the bathroom to return with the shaving cream, placing it on the opposite side of the towel.

She could hear the water running in the bathroom, I returned to fill a cup of nice warm water. While in the bathroom I removed my clothes, unrestricted myself, allowing my skin to touch hers. As I returned to her side, she smiled when she had seen that I was naked as well.

I slowly climbed into the bed, placing the cup of warm water next to right hip, balancing it on the bed. She reached down to steady the cup, ensuring that it wouldn't spill. I removed the blanket from her body, her nipples stood erect, goosebumps popping up all over her body. Spreading her legs I climbed between them, admiring her pussy, salivating at the mere thought of exposing it completely.

Her pubic hair was average in length, obviously kept up, bikini line shaved, but never completely. I could tell she was nervous, nervous of the unknown, nervous that she was allowing a man to shave her most delicate parts. As I reached for the shaving cream, I could see the wetness dripping from her lips, I could tell she was looking forward to my artistic talents.

I placed the shaving cream can at the top of her pubic hair, pressing the button as the cold gel landing on lower abdomen. She sucked in her stomach as the cold gel took her off guard, biting her lip, closing her eyes. I slowly began to spread the gel across the hair, covering her pelvis, then down the sides of her lips. The gel turned to cream, her pussy now covered in white, with the exception of the point of entry. Wetness prevented the opening from being covered, the wetness was flowing out of her.

I picked up the new razor, smiling at her, I placed the razor on her abdomen, moving across the top her pubic hairs. I could feel slight resistance from the hair that lied beneath. After I moved the razor through the cream, a bare path was left, revealing the clean hairless path underneath. After clearing the path, I placed the razor into the warm cup of water, cleaning my razor, like an artist cleaning his brush.

I continued moved across her abdomen, clearing more of the hair out of my way, methodically exposing more and more skin. I could see her trying to watch, curious to what I was doing, wondering what it looked like herself. The mixture of shaving cream and water obscured her perception. I now began changing the strokes, making sure all of the hair was removed before I began shaving along side her lips. I slid my hand across the shaven area, smooth and shaven, it was now time to move to the more delicate area.

Her lips were slippery, using my fingers, I spread the skin making it taunt, carefully I slid the razor down past the lip. I could tell that each side of the lip was going to take more time than the previous area that I had just shaved. The combination of her wetness, shaving cream and water, made the task more difficult. I continued with down strokes removing most of the hair. Then using my fingers I rubbed the outer lip, feeling for any spots I missed. She giggled with anticipation, I reversed my strokes again, making sure I had not missed anything. Lastly grabbing her ass, spreading it, I shaved the little amount of hair that went to the edge of her anus.

Now starting with her anus, I slowly moved in reverse order to begin the other side. With up strokes I began removing hair from that side of her lips. Fingers holding the skin taunt, creating my new piece of artwork, I continued to shave her. Occasionally a finger would slip into her pussy, causing her to gasp with pleasure. The excite of the experience was creating a waterfall of excitement. Literally dripping wetness was clearing the shaving cream from her ass. Again I changed the stroke pattern, making sure that I had gotten every little hair.

Leaning back I admired what I created, smiling at her, she smiled back. I explained that I was not finished and to hold still. Taking my fingers I exposed her clit, pulling back on the hood, carefully shaving around the most sensitive area, she looked worried, trusting me completely. Again changing direction, making sure that I had not missed anything, my fingers ran around the area, she gasped with excitement as I rubbed over her clit. I then told her that I believed that I was finished. I asked her to feel herself, checking to see if I had missed anything.

I enjoyed watching her run her fingers of the exposed skin. The look on her face was amazing, disbelief mixed with excitement. After a minute of close inspection she told me I had done a fine job. Her hand still stroking the new hair cut, I took the cup of warm water from her other hand. I walked into the bathroom, disposing of the old water, I replaced it with new clean water. Taking it back, I sat next to her, her hand still rubbing her pussy.

I took my fingers, dipping them into the cup, I took them out, dropping water across her abdomen. Rinsing off the residue of shaving cream, now exposing the new look. Her pussy looked amazing, sexy and edible. After rinsing I took the towel and completely wiped her abdomen and lips, making sure she was completely dry. Cleaning up my mess, she asked me not to go to far. I explained to her there were no worries of me going to far. I returned my items to the bathroom, returning back to her side I brought a handheld mirror.

Handing it to her, she placed it between her legs, starring at it as she smiled. Using her fingers she manipulated her lips, taking it all in, happy with the results. Looking at me she placed the mirror on the bed " Climb on, I want to try it out" she said.


  1. yeah... i just don't trust anyone enough to use a razor on me. i'll just take care of my own grooming...

  2. I just had a lover shave me for the first time last night. It was as fucking-erotic as you describe here. Mayhap I'll write about it sometime. :)