Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Leaves on the Ground...

The leaves are falling on the ground, crunching beneath our feet as we walk. The air is crisp and clean, every breath we can feel the cool air in our lungs. Holding your cold hand I try to warm it with mine. Pulling you closer to me, shoulder to shoulder as we walk. Talking, sharing, enjoying our deep friendship, feeling one with you. Glances into your beautiful eyes, your quirky smile brings me to life. The smells of fall permeate the air, the combination of leaves and grass, the moisture sealed in the coverage of leaves. Occasionally stopping, looking into your eyes, our cold noses touching, lips meeting. The sweet taste of your lips on mine, reminding me of sweet candy as child. Savoring the decadent taste of your lips, drawing in your lower lip, gently sucking and biting. My arms wrap around your body, warming you, as goosebumps explode on your extremities. A giggle, smile, sparkles in your eyes, you kick your heel with excitement. I reach for your cold hand, fingers bonded together, shoulder to shoulder, leaves crunching as we walk.


  1. Beautiful portrayal of love and the making of memories. I think love without friendship is an empty kind of love. And all those delicious details...I could smell the air and hear the crunch of the leaves.

  2. I love this! Seriously, this is one of my favorite things that you have ever written! Beautiful.