Monday, September 1, 2008

The First Ride !

All week long I anticipated finishing the motorcycle riding course. At the end of our first day the instructors asked if we would be interested in taking a road ride upon completion of the course. You could feel the energy in the room when all of us were asked, smiles beamed across everyone faces. Deep down inside a bit of nervousness tingled, reminding you of the dangers that lurked ahead.

During the riding course the instructors challenged the students to face their fears. Accelerating across a parking lot, expecting you to reach 3o mph and being able to stop with in 10 feet. Hands shaking as you twisted the throttle, pulling on the clutch, pressing the gears, building up speed knowing that your going to have to stop quickly. Worried that the motorcycle would slide out of control. The instructors instilling the confidence that all of us could accomplish this fearful task. Always challenging us they decided to change the straight approach technique, making it more difficult by adding a curve, and the instructors themselves stepping out in front of us, like a animal jumping out of the woods. Never doubting that we could get these machines to stop safely.

Sunday afternoon, the class was completed and all of us excited and nervous at the same time. Our first group ride awaited us, sitting patiently for the lead instructor to lead us through the countryside. Nervous about riding on urban roads that heavily traveled the instructor led us down the frontage road.

The rumble of fourteen Harley Davidson's, sounding like thunder rolling along the roadway. One by one we followed each other, staggered in formation. As the bikes left the parking lot the rumble of acceleration was heard near and far. The power of this 728 pound machine could be felt between my legs. My body was pulled through the air on this machine, giving me the ride of my life.

Accelerating faster I could feel the wind resisting me as I twisted the throttle. Holding on a bit tighter, my body relaxing, the vibrations of this big bike calmed my nerves. Before I knew it I was cruising at highway speeds through the countryside. The sun was bright and we could see for miles, curving and twisting along the roads. Taking in the beautiful scenery as rode along, enjoying the environment. Much different than when we ride in a car, protected by glass and metal, limiting your senses.

The sweet smells of fresh cut grass and the pungent smell of manure. The bright sunshine hidden by trees overlapping the roadway. The hot sun beating down on your back, the coolness of the shade provided by trees. Enjoying the beautiful surroundings that we are given to live. Feeling the raw power of a machine underneath you, guiding you through the countryside. The rumble and vibrations that soothe your senses. Knowing that you have control over this machine that provides so much pleasure in your life. Riding along a stop sign lies ahead, a decision has to be made.

Which direction shall I turn? If I go left that will take me back to where I came from, straight or right will continue my journey. I look left then right, and continue on in my journey. Enjoying those things that give me such pleasure.

Not looking back I continue on, being able to enjoy the land in which we live, home of free and land of the brave.

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  1. Awesome!...I could hear the rumble of those Harley's. Great writing, exactly what I have come to enjoy and look forward to in your writing; strong feelings and emotions come to life. This really made me smile. :)